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Our Speaker for January 9, 2016 will be

Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer

Phil Roger Vischer is an American animator, puppeteer, writer, voice actor and songwriter known for creating the computer-animated video series VeggieTales alongside Mike Nawrocki. He provides the voice of Bob the Tomato and about half of the other characters in the series.

Vischer founded GRAFx Studios 1989 in order to produce animated commercials and logos. As he watched the brand new field of computer animation come to life in the late 1980s, it occurred to him that very simple characters, animated with this new technology, would be a popular method for telling stories. In his spare time he created Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, with no arms, legs, hair or clothes as in his mind those were "the tricky parts". In early 1993, he raised some money from friends and family members and enlisted the help of his wife Lisa, Mike Nawrocki and two young art school animators. He started Big Idea Productions (now Big Idea Entertainment) and made the first "VeggieTales" episode.

Phil's Web Site

Phil Vischer's facebook page